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The Honor Roll of the Names That Live at Simpson

Every five years Simpson College honors our most distinguished alumni and former faculty members by adding names to "The Honor Roll of the Names That Live at Simpson." This recognition was established in 1986 by the Board of Trustees and the Alumni Association Board of Directors to recognize those alumni and former faculty members who have made a significant impact on Simpson College. The names of those who are elected will be engraved on the recognition walls at the south entrance to the Pedestrian Plaza. 

Nominations will be reviewed and the finalists will be named in July 2020 by a presidentially appointed committee. The final ballot will be available online for voting electronically or by phone from September 15, 2020 until October 13, 2020. Additions to the Honor Roll must be approved by the Board of Trustees with recipients being honored during the spring 2021 semester. No more than two alumni and one former faculty member may be selected for inclusion. 

All alumni who graduated prior to and including the class of 2010 are eligible to submit nominations and vote. In an effort to be more fiscally and environmentally responsible, we ask that nominations be made online. All nominations are due by 4 pm on July 17, 2020. Any questions regarding this process should be directed to Andy English '05, director of alumni relations, at 515-961-1547 or andy.english@simpson.edu.

2020 Ballot


Eligibility Requirements for Distinguished Alumni Nominees:

1. Any graduate of the college prior to 1970 (nominations may be made on a posthumous basis)

2. Nominees should have achieved truly outstanding status by virtue of at least one of the following criteria:

  • Civil service at the state, national or international level, through election or appointment
  • Scholarly, professional or scientific achievement
  • Religious service achieved through election to high office at the national or international level, or unusual achievement in fields of religious service
  • Service to the nation or the world in a lifelong commitment to such causes as racial justice, world peace or other humane endeavors seen to exemplify the highest expectations of the Simpson ideals.


Alumni whose names are currently on The Honor Roll

Brenton Hamline Badley
George Washington Carver
Frank Luther Mott
Clifford J. Barborka
Ruth Buxton Sayre
William Buxton III
Genelle Grant Morain
Robert F. Picken
Wayne L. Carse

Mary Rose Main
Frances Ledlie Dawson
Robert Wesely Bates
James William Angell
Alice Elizabeth Sayre
Glen Worth Lamb
Elmo V. Barnum
James H. Weinman
Maxine Smith Weinman
Robert Leroy Larsen

Guidelines for the Distinguished Faculty category:

1. Only those faculty members whose full-time service lasted a minimum of 20 years and ended prior to 2010 are eligible.

2. Particular emphasis will be given to persons who not only served for an extended period of years but, in the process, distinguished themselves by extraordinary instructional ability, sensitive attention to the needs and development of students, and whose efforts are reflected in the post-graduation success of their students.


Faculty whose names are currently on The Honor Roll

Frank E. Barrows
George Carpenter
William E. Hamilton
Everett "Tip" Olive
John L. Tilton
J. Allen Baker
Hiram S. Doty
Francis I. Moats
Ethel D. Anderson
E.G. Booth
Elizabeth White Watson

Ruth M. Jackson
Harold F. Watson
Francis L. Casey
Sven V. Lekberg
Mildred H. Lekberg
Charles N. Burrow
Helen Manley Malone Mullin
Margaret Liebe Watson
Joseph Walt
Clyde W. Emmons
Joe K. Moody

Faculty meeting longevity and pre-2010 service end date requirements

Herbert Alberding
Les Becther
Roger Betsworth
Glenn Buhr
James R. Carter
Mona Casey
Francis J. Colella
Les Deaton
Bruce Degen
Maria DiPalma
Owen L. Duncan
William C. Dunning
Kat Fisher
Robert Gieber
William H. Gilbert
Nina Mitchell Goltry
Michael Bruce Haddox
Carl R. Halgren
Janet L. Heinicke
Bill Helfrich
Terry Hoy
Larry Johnson

Mitchell Kalpakgian
Donald Koch
Werner S. Kolln
Don Koontz
Eugenia L. Kos
Jane M. Kvetko
Everett Laning
Robert Larsen
Anne Elizabeth Larson
Todd Lieber
Alan Magruder
Clifford L. Meints
Happ Miller
Gladys Moore
Roberta Riegl
Carol Soderblom
Ray Songayllo
Myron Sorden
Richard B. Starr
Norm Thomas
A.R. 'Dick' Tinder
Gary Valen
Melvin Wilk