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Mock Trial

Working as a team, you will develop important skills that can translate to any career or profession

"Mock Trial taught me more skills that I use every day as a practicing attorney than my three years of law school did." - Tyler Buller, criminal prosecutor in the Iowa Attorney General's Office and Simpson's Mock Trial coach.

Mock Trial at Simpson College has been gaining in popularity, benefitting from the success of its companion team, Speech and Debate. By participating in Mock Trial, you will improve your public speaking skills, learn to think critically and practice the art of effective communication—all important skills to help you succeed on the team and in the workplace.

Mock Trial is a team competition where students “try” a fictional case against teams from other schools. Simpson's team competes in a mix of invitational tournaments, as well as the "official" regional tournament, averaging three or more multi-round tournaments each year, along with more informal scrimmages against our neighboring schools.

In each round, some students participate as attorneys: they question witnesses, offer exhibits, make objections and may give an opening statement or closing argument. Other students participate as witnesses: bound by certain facts contained in affidavits or depositions, students portray witnesses that range from a murder victim to a police officer to a medical doctor, and everything in between. Teams are scored by “judges,” who are often professors, practicing attorneys, law students or real-world judges.

Previous cases have included an attempted homicide in a love-triangle gone wrong and age discrimination at a news magazine. The cases rotate between criminal and civil each year.

Mock Trial scholarships available

The Simpson College Mock Trial Scholarship is awarded based on high school mock trial experience. Consideration can also be given for other public speaking experience. Apply online today.