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Department of World Language & Culture Studies

Spanish, and Latin American Studies

Where will I start at Simpson?

You are in the best position to help us decide where you will thrive at Simpson. We don't require a placement test and there are no restrictions. Our placement policy reflects a shared goal between students and faculty: we want you to love the course you choose to begin the program and every course thereafter. Our self-placement guide will help you decide where you enter, based on the skills you have. If you want to learn more, contact us by filling out the form below.

Students at the market in Tahiti

Take your cultural skills on the road: study abroad

Simpson offers many study abroad opportunities to put your intercultural communication skills to use around the world.

"Involucrarse" is Spanish for "get involved"

Explore the many ways our majors get involved at Simpson. You could join them

Spanish Classroom

What makes Simpson unique?

Simply stated, it's our approach to teaching language and culture. As a student, you will not only learn a language, you will gain critical intercultural skills that will allow you to mediate between cultures by deepening your ability to understand and analyze different cultural perspectives, including your own. 

Our innovative teaching methods connect you to people around the world, allowing you to develop the intercultural communication skills that employers seek.

Sharon Wilkinson with student

Our professors are committed to your success

Our faculty will help you achieve your intercultural goals by supporting you as you engage in intercultural interactions, reinforcing those skills through continued study and reflection, and then coaching you as you market your skills to potential employers.

Each year, the Department of World Language and Culture Studies hosts three Fulbright foreign language teaching assistants (FLTAs). These native speakers bring the most up-to-date experiences and perspectives from their home countries and help you develop your language and intercultural skills through real interaction.

Bi-lingual speakers are welcome

We welcome students from all language backgrounds, inclusive of those who speak a second language in their home. Your language ability will bring depth to the classroom and you perspectives and experiences are vital to enriching our learning community. 

Spanish Classroom

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