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Major and Minor

What will I learn?

In addition progressing in mastery of the language, you will learn to recognize the intricacies and varieties of Spanish around the world. Through interactive exercises, you will gain cultural knowledge and learn to reflect on what you learn from a variety of different perspectives.

You will study social movements in Spanish-speaking cultures and their impact on society in order to solidify Spanish language skills.

A Spanish major will help make you a global citizen

Studying Spanish at Simpson gives you much more than language skills. We focus on what will make you a well rounded citizen as well as make you marketable.  

Connect with Spanish speakers from different countries

Focus on intercultural skills, knowledge and experiences

Choose from a wide variety of travel and internship experiences to help build your résumé

Get creative with multimedia projects

Reach the learning goals that you set for yourself

See what other opportunities exist in one of the most dynamic language and culture studies programs in the Midwest

Your classroom experience is only the beginning. Take a look at what else the Department of World Language and Culture Studies has to offer.


Simpson Success Stories

This is what success looks like

Our students and alumni share how Simpson helped them define achievement on their own terms

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Adam Stewart '18

Adam Stewart '18

“I wanted a classroom size where I could have direct and immediate dialogue with professors.”

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Tracy Robson '08

Tracy Robson '08

Catholic Worker House

I love the people I live with and the people who come here. It’s crazy because you really start to care about the people you get to know here. It’s really a family.

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Joel Clifton '89, Chris Hanson '99, Emily Beckmann '09

Joel Clifton '89, Chris Hanson '99, Emily Beckmann '09

Lessing Flynn Advertising

Often we find ourselves in conversations that begin, ‘Well, when I was at Simpson….’

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