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Study Abroad

Travel expands our understanding of the world and lets us look at our own culture—and ourselves—with a fresh perspective

Success without boundaries

Today's employers are looking for people who have a global understanding and direct experience with other cultures. Studying abroad also helps us appreciate cultures beyond our own, increase proficiency in another language and gain a new sense of self-confidence.

That’s why Simpson offers study abroad scholarships and many opportunities to safely explore based on your personal pursuit of knowledge. Get to know our Simpson Experience abroad, May Term international experiences and affiliated programs.

May Term International Travel Courses

International travel courses allows students to study one topic intensively while traveling with a cohort from Simpson. The courses vary from year to year and all are proposed and led by Simpson faculty. Here are a sampling of recently offered travel courses. Email International Education Director, Matthew Kaye with any questions.

Side-by-side, the American and Finnish school systems are quite similar. Yet, Finnish students out-perform American students at an alarming rate. This course will delve into the educational, social, political, and economic differences and similarities between Finland and the United States. Students will learn about different pedagogical approaches followed in Finland and the innovative use of learning environments. Students will learn first-hand while interacting with professors in university education programs, public school teachers, and fellow students. Coursework will include in-depth readings, learning journals, a final paper, and a presentation the following fall semester.

This course is designed for students to study how sport and recreation organizations operate in Costa Rica including their role in developing the country socially, economically, and educationally. Students will immerse themselves in the local culture, participate in local sport tourism opportunities and engage with local sport and recreation organizations to complete service learning projects. An extensive consulting study will also be done for a partnering sport organization. This major project will result in a written deliverable document and presentation in-country. There will be journaling, in-person and online discussions completed while students are in-country and two reflection papers completed as a part of this course.

Simpson Experience Abroad

Some of these semester-long programs are led by a Simpson faculty member, who also serves as the resident director and teaches one or more of the courses offered. Email International Education Director, Matthew Kaye, with any questions or interest.

Study at Simpson’s partner institution, the University of Adelaide, in the state of South Australia. Take classes taught by the Simpson program director as well as a wide range of UA course offerings to fulfill either general education or major/minor requirements. Get to know the local culture by living with a host family or choose to live in an off-campus dorm with international students. Offered fall semester of even-numbered years.

Affiliated Programs

In addition to “Simpson Experience Abroad” semester-long offerings, students can also participate in study abroad and exchange programs operated by other institutions with which Simpson has agreements and have those credits transferred back to their degree at Simpson. Email International Education Director, Matthew Kaye, with any questions or interest.

Take courses at the university with Spanish students in a wide-range of topics with support from the university’s Office of International Relations. Live in apartments in town with other international students or host families, depending upon your preference.

Study abroad scholarships

Through a generous bequest by the late Dr. Joseph W. Walt, emeritus professor of history, Simpson College is pleased to offer more than 40 scholarships annually to help cover costs of a Simpson College student’s study abroad experience. These awards are available for students participating in a May Term International Travel Courses as well as for those studying on semester-long overseas programs.

For students who receive a federal Pell Grant as part of their college financial package, the Gilman International Scholarship is another potential funding source. The scholarship is provided by the Bureau of Education and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State. It stipulates that students must study abroad for at least 21 days, so those studying on a Simpson May Term International Travel Course unfortunately are not eligible to apply for a Gilman Scholarship, but for those students participating in longer duration programs, the scholarship is a great opportunity to help reduce their costs.  

If you are interested in more information, please contact the Director of International Education.