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Department of History


Study the past, understand the present, help forge the future

Forget the textbooks. At Simpson, you become apprentice historians and learn by doing. The hallmark of the history program at Simpson College is the student-centered learning experience. You are active participants in our exploration of the past by using historical (primary) sources and taking part in class discussion, role-playing simulations and collaborative learning.


Opportunities for history majors

History comes alive inside and outside of the classroom. See how you can apply your historical skills through role-playing, internships and research projects.

Get involved at Simpson

Want to gain real-world experiences and make your own contribution to the discipline of history? At Simpson, you can.

speech and debate

Where can I go with a History degree?

Anywhere and everywhere. History majors learn how to express themselves clearly and think critically, precisely the skills employers and graduate schools want.

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Iowa History Center


Simpson College is home to the Iowa History Center whose primary purpose is preserving and promoting Iowa's history. The Center brings interesting speakers to campus and creates programs to foster a better understanding and appreciation of Iowa history. Take a closer look at the Iowa History Center.

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