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History Major

Department of History

What will I learn?

Studying history at Simpson is a student-centered learning experience. You will research original documents, role play, engage in class discussions and benefit from experiential learning. Further, it is designed so you have a hand in how you complete your study of history. Here's a secret: it's fun!

A brief examination of cultural contributions of the ancient Middle East, followed by a survey of the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome and an investigation of the rise of Christianity. An exploration of the Middle Ages serves as a background for the development of European life culminating in the era of the Renaissance and Reformation.

What can I do with my history degree?

Flip the question around: What can't you do? History is an extremely versatile major that will help prepare you for life after college. History majors have gone on to careers in business, law, education, government, public service and journalism. Take a look at a sampling of our graduates' careers.

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Simpson Success Stories

This is what success looks like

Our students and alumni share how Simpson helped them define achievement on their own terms

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Mike Pearson '10

Mike Pearson '10

Upholding His Dad's Legacy

The things you learn as a history major is how to ask questions and how to interpret things.

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JoAnna Freeland '13

JoAnna Freeland '13

Student Body President, Double Major, Prepared For Law School

Because of Simpson College I’ll be going on to law school after I graduate!

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Allison Haack '10

Allison Haack '10

Library Assistant In The Special Collections And Archives

The skills I learned as a history major have been invaluable. Learning to think and write critically was important for my academic work at the graduate level.

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