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A dedicated group of students participates on the Debate Team at Simpson each year. These students spend many hours prepping, practicing and debating each other prior to regional and national competitions in addition to their coursework and other extracurricular involvement.

Debate is a research and presentation process often involving competitions at the collegiate level. Students gather general knowledge about the provided competition topic and then dig deep into research and discover pros and cons to each side of the topic. They pick their best arguments and form a case. Then as a team, they practice competing against each other to prepare for interschool competition.

Simpson College debate team is an award-winning team that competes across the country. We believe in a comprehensive program where students can discover which style of debate best aligns to their long-term goals. The team provides great opportunities to get involved on campus and meet new people. By joining the team, you will increase your public speaking and critical thinking abilities while enhancing your creativity.

There are six forms of debate offered at Simpson College. They include:

  • Parliamentary (NPDA & PLUM)
  • International Public Debate (IPDA)
  • NFA Lincoln-Douglas
  • Student Congress
  • Public Forum
  • Worlds Schools

Pi Kappa Delta National Rankings

Year National Ranking
2013 21
2014 14
2015 5
2016 1
2017 2
2018 1
2019 1
2020 No tournament held
2021 1