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Additional Campus Policies and Information

COVID-Related Guidance

Many of the policies related to COVID-focused expectations on campus are covered within the Housing During COVID page.  However, some expectations bridge beyond housing and impact all students on campus.  These expectations are generally included within the Simpson COVID page.  A few of note are:

  •  Students are required to complete a daily check-in via Moodle on Monday-Friday.  The daily check-in is open from 4 a.m. until 10:20 a.m.
  • Randomized testing began in January 2021, and students are expected to comply with Health Services when they are randomly selected.
  • If Simpson or public health officials notify students of a need to isolate or quarantine, those recommendations need to be followed.  Health Services at healthservices@simpson.edu may be reached for any questions about a specific situation.
  • Simpson expects students to be mindful of COVID realities off-campus as well as on-campus.  Groups of unapproved off-campus student gatherings of 10 or more students may also be adjudicated by the campus as a conduct concern.
  • There is building-specific or event-specific guidance or policies that will be posted or communicated as necessary.  Compliance with requirements is needed in those instances.

Any occurances of violations of the above expectations may result in a conduct process.  General conduct procedures can be found at this page.

Navigating campus during COVID can be tricky, and any questions can be directed to the Office of the Dean of Students at 515-961-1592.   

Communication With Students

Students are advised that Simpson College considers e-mail from the college as one of its official means of communication with students.  If you use another e-mail address, we ask that you check your Simpson e-mail account on a regular basis or forward your Simpson e-mail message.  If you need help setting up automatic forwarding for your Simpson e-mail account, please contact Information Technology Services.

Statement on Student Demonstrations

Students are free to support causes by all orderly means without interference from the college or any part of it so long as their activities do not interrupt the regular business of the college or interfere with the rights of any member of the community. It is for the protection of these activities that this statement is issued. Students have the accompanying responsibility to ensure that any protest or demonstration is consistent with the expectations outlined in the Simpson Code of Conduct. Specifically, students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner which respects the rights and property of others. Abuse of another person or conduct which threatens the health or safety of any person is not allowed. Additionally, students must respect the on-going program of all aspects of the college including teaching, research, administration, disciplinary procedures and other sponsored or authorized activities on college property. Obstruction or disruption of college activities is not allowed. The college is obligated to maintain an atmosphere conducive to academic work and social responsibility. Any non-peaceful and/or obstructive demonstration, regardless of duration is prohibited. It is recommended that any student, student organization or group of students contemplating a demonstration inquire at the Office of Student Development about procedures which should be followed.

Security Camera Guidelines


At Simpson College we strive to achieve the safest possible campus for our community. We believe the integration of technology into our safety and security practices will aid in this endeavor. Security cameras will help the institution achieve this goal through deterrence and in the ability to retrieve recordings of observed areas.

Installation Procedures and Locations

Security cameras will be placed in strategic and non-intrusive locations in order to adequately capture the intended area while not violating the standard of a reasonable expectation of privacy. Cameras will not view private bedrooms, bathrooms, locker rooms including dressing and shower areas, offices, classrooms not including labs, and any private locations through windows.


Images captured by security cameras are able to be observed in real-time, but the cameras will generally not be actively monitored and will mainly be viewed upon a report needing further investigation.

Retention and Release of Information

Surveillance footage will be secure and accessible only by authorized personnel as determined by the Director of Security or the Dean of Students. Any information gathered from the observation of these secure recordings is strictly confidential and is only to be used for official Simpson College business and/or law enforcement purposes. All requests for the release of footage and/or information obtained by security cameras must be submitted to the Director of Security.

Financial Obligations

Please use the following link for Business Office student account questions.  

Dining Services

Meal Plans

All full-time residential students must have a board plan. Available meal plans are described below:

Full meal plan options (all per semester):

  • 200 blocks and $75 flex dollars
  • 150 blocks and $275 flex dollars

Partial meal plan:

  • 100 blocks and $250 flex dollars (only available for commuters, apartment residents, and theme house residents).

Greek meal plan:

  • 150 blocks and $275 flex dollars, with one or five blocks per week served at the house. Individual houses can choose to have no meals in house, 1 or 5 meals served in the house between Sunday and Thursday nights. If a house chooses to participate in this meal plan, it is required for all live-in members. Any exception to this rule must be approved in advance.

Flex money left over at the end of the first semester will roll-over to the second semester.  Unused blocks will not roll-over between semesters.

Students may change their board plans during the first four weeks of the semester by contacting the front desk of Student Development.  Meal charges will be pro-rated to reflect the change.   Flex dollars will also be pro-rated.

The meal system is based on a “Block” plan. “Block” is essentially the same as “Meal” however the plan is based on blocks per semester rather than meals per week. You can use your blocks to purchase an “all you can eat” meal at Pfeiffer, or you can apply it to the cost of a meal at one of the venues in Kent Campus Center. Each eatery in Kent will have a daily “meal” that you can exchange for one block or the block will carry a value of $7.00 toward the purchase of any menu item. A card must be present at the register. If you want more than what is offered in the meal, you can apply another block, use your flex dollars or pay cash. While blocks do not carry over from semester to semester, your flex dollars will until the end of May Term. If you withdraw from Simpson no values will continue. If you are already on a meal plan you can purchase additional blocks if necessary. Students already on the meal plan can purchase additional amounts if they run low by the end of a semester. These can be purchased from Sodexo’s office in Student Development.

Dining Options

At Pfeiffer you will have a varied and balanced menu to choose from, including entrees, pizza station, grill station, deli station, side dishes, soup, salad bar, desserts, ice cream, and beverages. Any student or guest may have as much food as desired in the dining hall, but no food may be taken out from Pfeiffer. After each meal, dishes and silverware, etc. should be returned to the conveyor belt.  Dishes, silverware, and so forth are the property of Simpson College and may not be taken from the dining hall.

Kent Campus Center offers Red Mango, Au Bon Pain, Tyler’s Grille and Millie’s Coffee Shop. Locations in Kent are where you would get “grab and go” items from anything on the menu.

Serving Times

Hours are posted for the year on the dining services website with menus: https://simpsondining.sodexomyway.com/. Special hours, including breaks and campus-wide meals, are emailed through simpson.edu mass email and posted on dining’s Facebook & website.

The cafeteria will not be open during vacation periods, holidays, and when Simpson College is not in session, unless by special arrangement.

Simpson ID

Each resident student will be issued an ID/proximity card.  Students are required to present their student ID at each meal. The board plan is not transferable.  You cannot eat without it, and if you lose or damage it, you must report it immediately to the Office of Student Development.  A replacement card can be purchased for $15. Your prox card is yours and yours alone.  No one else may use it under any circumstances, even if you don’t use it for a particular meal.  

News Releases

The public relations office regularly sends out news releases on students who are on the dean’s and president’s lists, who are involved in activities or who receive awards. If you DO NOT want your name released, contact the Public Relations Office at extension 1606 or stop by 3rd floor Hillman Hall.

Opt Out Photo Release
Unless an employee or student completes the Opt Out of Photograph Release form, which will be made available in the Office of Student Development, all students give implicit permission and authorization for Simpson College to use any still photograph of themselves that is taken or is authorized by a Simpson College staff member for instructional or promotional purposes.
An employee or student who does NOT want to be photographed or recorded, and who submits an appropriate completed Opt Out of Photograph Release form, is responsible for removing themselves from the area in which the photographing/recording is occurring, both on campus and at off-campus functions, or notifying the camera person on site of their opt out status. Failure to do so may result in the employee’s and/or student’s inclusion in a photograph or recording and will be treated as a release, allowing the College to utilize that photograph or recording accordingly.

Students and employees release any and all claims for damages for libel, slander, or invasion of right of privacy unless the Opt Out Photograph Release form is completed and on file with the Department of Student Development.

Solicitation of Funds

As an independent, gift-supported institution, Simpson College depends upon voluntary contributions to underwrite a significant portion of its annually-budgeted operations, to support special projects for purposes over and above current operations, and to make possible the development of the College’s physical facilities and endowment resources. The fundraising policies of the College are established by the Board of Trustees, and their implementation is managed and coordinated by the Office of College Advancement.

Alumni and friends of Simpson, parents of current and former students, and local and national business organizations and foundations are regularly solicited through the Office of College Advancement to make contributions for approved capital projects and annual operations. Solicitation of gifts from these groups by other college departments, college employees or members of college-sponsored organizations and clubs is not permitted without prior consent from the Vice President for College Advancement. In particular, students, faculty, and/or coaches, individually or collectively, are not permitted to request gifts from members of the above listed groups to secure funds for the annual operations, special projects, equipment, or capital projects unless authorization by the Vice President for College Advancement has been obtained. College-sponsored organizations that are separately incorporated, e.g., social fraternities and sororities, need not receive advance authorization to solicit their memberships. Student-sponsored fund raising projects (including soliciting Simpson students, producing income through sales and advertising, and merchandising goods and services on campus) must receive prior approval from the Vice President for Student Development.

Simpson College Posting Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide campus organizations and approved community organizations opportunities to promote events and place posters, flyers and postings in approved locations in the Kent Campus Center and various campus locations. This policy will ensure effective campus posting that reduces waste, restricts unauthorized publicity, and encourages safety and campus attractiveness. Any person(s), organization(s) advertising events, providing information, as well as students campaigning for positions, and/or informing the campus community of events or programs or distributing publicity must follow the college posting policy.

Any damage to college property will be charged to the event sponsor. Unauthorized postings will be removed and discarded. Please direct requests for exceptions to this policy to the student activities office.

Approval and Guidelines for Posting

  • Postings in the Kent Campus Center, including but not limited to flyers, posters, and table tents, must be approved by the student activities office prior to distribution and posting.
  • Postings in other non-residential campus buildings for non-Simpson College-sponsored events and services must be approved by the student activities office prior to posting
  • Postings and distribution in Simpson College residence halls must be approved by the residence life office prior to posting
  • All postings must be stamped for approval prior to posting.
  • Personal notices by students and college employees may not be approved for posting depending on the content of the posting.
  • Commercial and solicitation advertising will be approved on a limited basis depending on the content. Postings promoting bars, magazine subscriptions, non-Simpson-sponsored spring break trips, etc. are not allowed.  The student activities office will consider exceptions for educationally beneficial products. Individuals and groups should consult with the student activities office in regards to requesting an exception.
  • Activities prohibited by Simpson College policies or local, state or federal laws may not be publicized.
  • Unauthorized postings will be removed and discarded.

Posting Specifications

  • No poster should be larger that 11”x17”. Exceptions to this policy must be approved by the student activities office.
  • A maximum of one posting per event/per campus group/per bulletin board is permitted.
  • Posters may be displayed for up to two weeks (unless approved for longer display based on available space by the student activities office) or until the publicized information becomes obsolete, whichever comes first.
  • All postings must include the name(s) of the individual(s) or group(s) sponsoring the publicized information and dates of the event.

Approved Posting Locations

  • Glass panels adjacent to doors may be utilized for campus groups only.  Postings are not permitted on glass doors and windows.
  • Office doors, with permission of the occupant
  • Kiosks and bulletin boards (unless designated for exclusive use of a Simpson College department or group)
  • Temporary supports such as poles, sticks, ropes, sandwich boards and sign boards.
  • All banners and self-supporting signs and their location indoors and outdoors the Kent Campus Center must be approved in advance by the student activities office.
  • Posters and fliers may not be affixed to interior or exterior walls except with prior, specific approval

While all posters must be approved prior to posting, individual academic buildings may have additional guidelines for what can be posted and where it can be posted. All groups should consult with individual building managers for approved locations for posting in each building.

Materials for hanging posters

  • For cork bulletin boards and tack strips, use tacks or stick pins only.
  • For solid surfaces use only blue painters’ tape.


  • Any exceptions to the above policy must be approved by the student activities office.
  • Emergency or closing notices are exempt from this policy.

This posting policy may be subject to revisions.