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Community Engagement

Wesley Service Scholarship

  • The Wesley Service Scholarship supports students who are involved in volunteer service.

The scholarship requires:

  • 80 hours of verified service (~40 each semester)
  • Journaling about experiences
  • Selected common readings regarding service
  • Participation in a peer group to reflect on experiences
  • Attendance at one training meeting per semester

Interested students should contact service.info@simpson.edu

Local Service Opportunities 

For help identifying an organization to partner with, please contact Anna Peña (anna.pena@simpson.edu).  You can also check out our “Local Service Opportunities” to view our Community Partners and “National and International Service Opportunities” to learn more about service opportunities available through Simpson.


The Religious Life Community (RLC) provides regular service opportunities at a variety of non-profit organizations.  Regular partners include the Catholic Worker House, Central Iowa Shelter and Services, Children and Family Urban Movement, Second Chance Dog Rescue, and Habitat for Humanity.  Transportation is always provided.  Additionally, RLC coordinates alternative fall and spring break trips that allow students to spend their break in service and reflection in a variety of locations across the country.

To learn more about service through RLC, please email Chaplain Mara Bailey, at mara.bailey@simpson.edu.

The Culver Center

The John C. Culver Public Policy Center serves as the nonpartisan hub for political events and activities at Simpson College. To volunteer, please contact Seth Andersen, Culver Center Director, at seth.andersen@simpson.edu or 515-961-1354.

Sororities and Fraternities at Simpson

Students involved in Sororities and Fraternities at Simpson are among the most service-oriented at the college.  Each of the fraternities/sororities promotes a particular philanthropy and conduct service and programming around that philanthropy.  All of them promote and some even require general volunteering for their members.

Other Campus Clubs & Organizations

Many of Simpson’s student clubs and organizations are service-oriented.  Examples include, but are not limited to: Sustainability Club, SARA, EMERGE, Best Buddies, and Rotaract. 

Post-Graduation Service

Interested in completing service following graduation? Check out these opportunities.