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About Student Development

Our Mission

The mission of the Simpson College Division of Student Development is to foster learning, leadership, and development through engaging, purposeful, and empowering experiences.  Our inclusive community works together to encourage reflection, holistic well-being, and relationships that are challenging and supportive.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized within and beyond the Simpson College community as a division of student development that excels at fostering learning in and beyond the classroom so that all students accomplish their educational, personal and professional goals. We cultivate an environment in which every student can realize their potential and serve the common good through full access to and engagement with a wide range of learning experiences.

Our Values


We value our students as people, as learners, and for the diverse perspectives they contribute. We also value their needs: intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, vocational, and physical.


We value engaged learning and encourage active community involvement that enables us all to practice responsible citizenship and to integrate knowledge gained from both inside and outside of the formal classroom setting.


We value a global and inclusive community which respects uniqueness, difference and diverse points of view. We also value integrity, honesty, responsibility, and social justice as contributing to the health of the Simpson College and extended communities.


We value the, strengths, knowledge, diversity, potential and uniqueness of our staff. We are committed to carrying out our role as educators through our work with students. We also strive to balance our personal and professional lives, encouraging and fostering on-going development.

History & Tradition

We acknowledge and learn from the past as we move forward. We strive to both hold up those traditions that continue to enrich our community and grow through the acknowledgement and reparation of past mistakes.