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Student Development Learning Domains and Outcomes

Follow the links  to see what campus opportunities apply to each specific outcome.

Personal Responsibility

  1. Students will develop and apply strategies to manage essential aspects of life including finances, time, and personal care.
  2. Students will understand and act to meet expectations of their obligations and commitments.
  3. Students will recognize and accept responsibility for positive and negative consequences of their actions.
  4. Students will develop insight through identification of and reflection upon their individual strengths and areas for improvement.
  5. Students will identify, initiate, and adapt actions to achieve attainable goals that promote growth.

Interpersonal Connections

  1. Students will develop and demonstrate effective relational skills.
  2. Students will recognize, personalize, and adapt characteristics of healthy relationships.
  3. Students will engage in opportunities for interaction with those who differ from themselves in background, beliefs, behaviors, values, and views.

Citizenship & Social Responsibility

  1. Students will create and foster inclusive communities by demonstrating an expanded understanding of cultural and human differences, as well as a commitment to social justice.
  2.  Students will examine, and broaden an awareness of their relationship to the larger community and act congruently with this understanding.
  3.  Students will exhibit personal decision making processes and behaviors, rooted in an ethical foundation, that integrate community standards.

Purpose & Vocation

  1.  Students will explore and articulate their personalities, strengths, weaknesses, interests, passions, motivations, values, and influences.
  2.  Students will set, act upon, and modify goals that align personal aspirations with the needs of society.
  3.  Students will engage in, reflect upon, and synthesize knowledge gained from experiential learning.
  4.  Students will develop and appreciate the value of life-long learning and work ethic.


  1.  Students will identify accurate and holistic wellness information and associate this knowledge with personal behaviors and choices.
  2.  Students will advocate for their own wellness and appropriately seek resources to meet their needs.
  3.  Students will explore, value, and adopt practices that demonstrate effective self-care.

See how each Student Development department contributes to student learning

Campus Security

Career Development & Civic Engagement

Counseling Services

Multicultural & International Affairs

Residence Life

Student Activities

Student Health Services

Student Support Services