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Housing Agreement 

Terms and Conditions

All full-time undergraduate students are required to live in college-owned residential facilities (see Residency Requirement). The college also allows Delta Delta Delta and Pi Beta Phi residents to live in non-college-owned housing without reduction in financial assistance and with no petition process.

Exceptions to the live-on requirement are made for students living at home with parents within a commutable distance, students over the age of 23, veterans, married students, and students with dependent children living with them. Permission to live off-campus for these or other reasons must be obtained prior to moving off-campus via the petition process on SC Connect. Modifications to these expectations may also be made for transfer students by the Transfer Admissions Counselor during the enrollment process. Please be aware that financial aid will be adjusted for off-campus students. All decisions about granting petitions or changes to these expectations rest with the Dean of Students.

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