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Sport Science and Health Education Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research
Simpson College values the importance of lifelong learning and the ability to make evidence based decisions, particularly for those interested in careers in the health professions and sport science careers.

The campus has many opportunities for students to participate in undergraduate research. Students may conduct research in a small group as well as conduct individual research.

The department of Sport Science and Health Education offers a Research Methods course for students that are interested in interdisciplinary study. Students participate in the campus wide Research & Creativity Symposium to present their work and have traveled to regional and national conferences to do the same.

Recently, research conducted by Simpson students for their senior capstone project, along side Dr. Katie Smith, was accepted for publication in Medical Research Archives, vol 6 issue 7, July 2018. The research was titled, "A new approach to weight management counseling: Metabolic Factor in Multiple Populations." This is just one example of the depth and quality of research taking place in the department.

Additional research projects completed by Simpson undergraduate students have included:

  • Screen Time and Mental Health in College Students
  • Health Habits & Metabolic Factor in First Year Students
  • Comparing Lifestyle Habits Between First-Year College Students and Non-First Year College Students
  • Mindfulness and Health Behaviors
  • Determining Metabolic Factor of a Variety of Populations
  • Comparison of Hip-Explosiveness in Endurance and Non-Endurance Athletes
  • The Effect of Increased Water Intake on Food Consumption
  • Effect of 1,3,7-trimethylxanthine versus Green Coffee Bean Extract On Fatigue During Anaerobic Exercise