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Audrey LoVan '18

The Perfect Balance of STEM, Arts, and Athletics


Sioux City native Audrey LoVan is a jack of all trades. She made the most out of her Simpson experience, involving herself in activities ranging from math and science, to the arts, to athletics.

LoVan came to Simpson knowing she wanted to study math, but did not initially look at computer science.

“The math major requires introduction to programming as a core class. I took this freshman year to get it out of the way, and ended up loving the course,” LoVan said, “After that, I picked up the computer science major.”

While involved in STEM majors, LoVan stayed connected to the arts with a minor in studio art.

“I was surprised as to how many people were involved in the arts [at Simpson],” LoVan said. “Theater and music are popular programs here, and we have multiple fine arts programs (graphic design, studio art, formerly art education).

“It is very comforting to know that Simpson is dedicated to the arts and promotes it. As an art minor, the arts are an important part of my life and I am glad that it is still thriving.”

Four years later, LoVan graduated last month with a BA in math and computer science. She is currently continuing her search for a job in the software engineering field.

Outside of classes, LoVan stayed busy during her time at Simpson. She was a member of the cheer team and participated in track and field, competing as a pole vaulter, setting the school record. She also worked as the Undergraduate Assistant for the registrar’s office and was an active member in both the Cancer Awareness and Computer Science clubs.

But it’s athletics, LoVan said, that shaped her into who she is today.

“I have significantly improved life skills throughout cheer and track, such as time management, communication, and working with others,” LoVan said, “with track especially, having the time to get everything accomplished can be difficult.”

She also credits the team for teaching her some of the most important life lessons she learned.

“Being on such a large team, you will have to work with many different kinds of people, possibly people you don't really get along with,” LoVan said. “The team really forces you to get over your differences and work with others effectively so in the case of cheer, those people throw you in the air, and you can trust them enough to catch you on the way down.”

Overall, LoVan said her experience at Simpson has been worthwhile, and she encourages students considering Simpson to visit campus.

“Simpson has the most beautiful campus and such a positive atmosphere,” she said. “Visiting gives prospective students a chance to meet with faculty, staff, and students which can really be a determining factor in what school to pick.” Audrey LoVan ’18 – the Perfect Balance of STEM, Arts, and Athletics