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Interdisciplinary Majors

Driven and highly motivated Simpson students can design their own majors around their interests and passions to create a degree that takes them where they want to go. Some of the IIMs have been adopted to the overall list majors offered to all Simpson students.

This major included work from journalism in news writing, reporting, copy editing, hands-on desktop publishing, videography and photojournalism coupled with the biological sciences applied to marine animals and environments. The objective of this program was to prepare a student to present data in a way that people can make wise informed decisions on critical environmental issues, ranging from the impact of environmental crisis, such as marine oil spills, to marine wildlife conservation and marine wildlife rescue. The senior project specifically focused on the two-year effects of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.A short documentary was created on the effects of the oil spill on marine life in the Gulf. Also, the ecology of marine wildlife was explored through taxonomy, distribution, morphology, physiology, reproduction, diet and the effects the pollution had on these.