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Workshops for 2022

A.  Relax and Spit it out! Physical and vocal warm-ups, relaxation, breathing, and articulation exercises for the actor.

B.  Improvisation: Elements of individual and group improvisation to free the actor’s imagination.

C.  Musical Theatre Techniques: Applying acting techniques to a song/musical theatre.

D.  Stage Makeup: A hands-on workshop in which each participant will have the opportunity to apply one or more makeup techniques such as aging and scars.

E.  Costumes for the Stage: An interactive workshop for developing creative stage fashion. Led by Assistant Professor of Theatre and costume designer, Caroline Frias.

F.  Lighting Techniques: A hands-on workshop in which the participant will experiment with various aspects of lighting, such as control, color, and illumination. Led by Instructor of Theatre Arts and lighting designer, Rick Goetz.

G.  Stage Management : Learn the basics of stage management from creating a prompt book to calling a show. Led by Theatre Alumnus, Kyle Bochart

H.  Theatrical Masks:  With this workshop you will learn about the use of maks in theatrical productions from the Ancient Greeks to commedia dell'Arte and even today. You will have a chance to express yourself through the painting of a simple mask. Led by Professor of Theatre, Jennifer Nostrala

I.  Reader’s Theatre: Exploration of group performance techniques for literature 

J.  Playwriting: Students will participate in and discuss beginning playwriting exercises.

K.  Sound for the Stage: Explore the basics of theatrical sound design. Led by Theatre alumnus, Craig Kaufman

L.  Basic Acting Techniques:  Explore character development and other acting practices. Led by Theatre alumnus, Tiffany Flory

M.  Directing: Strategies for putting words into actions on stage. Led by Assistant Professor of Theatre, Kara Raphaelli.

N.  Scene Painting:  Teachers & Seniors only. In this workshop we will go over some tips and tricks for making scenery look good from 50 ft away. We will touch on things like marble, wood grain and wallpaper textures. Led by Scenic Designer and Technical Director, Natalie Hining

O.  Intimacy Direction : Teachers only. Learn about the discipline of Intimacy Direction and on the importance of creating safe spaces for performers. Led by professional intimacy director, Jenn Allton.