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We Are With You

Dear Simpson Students –

So many of our hearts are heavy with the killing of George Floyd, as well as the other acts of blatant discrimination we see around us. And we are further saddened and frightened by the ways in which peaceful and righteous protests have erupted in violence, around the state and the nation. Hearing the news, watching the videos, seeing the social media posts can all be traumatizing. For those of us who hold marginalized identities – and especially for those who are people of color – that trauma may be all too familiar and personal. And this is happening while we are still in the midst of a global pandemic. These are, indeed, hard days.

These are also the days when it is so important to remember that we are connected to and care for each other. While our community is not perfect, it is one where we continuously strive to live into our mission and value for fully welcoming and including the beautiful diversity that is Simpson College. We are still here to support you and walk with you – whether physically together or separated – on this journey.

Even though it’s summer, the College is still open and we’re still available. Among those who are here to support you are the Office of Multicultural & International Affairs, Counseling Services, Simpson’s Chaplain, and Dean of Students. We’re ready to plan future initiatives, help you identify additional resources, work through the process of addressing any issues that occur within the Simpson community, or simply be a shoulder to lean (or cry) on. Following this message are links to some specific resources that might be of interest or use to you. And please reach out to any of us as you have questions and concerns. We are here for you. As are so many other staff, faculty, and members of our administration.

Together, as ONESimpson, we will keep moving forward in our work to create a model of an inclusive community.


Mara Bailey , Chaplain
Luke Behaunek, Dean of Students
Walter Lain, Assistant Dean for Multicultural & International Affairs
Heidi Levine, Vice President for Student Development

Resource Links for Students:

Multicultural Student Organizations: https://simpson.edu/about-simpson-college/mission-philosophy/equity-inclusion-and-diversity/equity-inclusion-and

Bias-Related Incident Policy: https://simpson.edu/internal/student-life/student-handbook/student-conduct-policies-and-procedures/bias-related

Simpson College Inclusivity Statement: https://simpson.edu/about-simpson-college/mission-philosophy/equity-inclusion-and-diversity

Iowa Civil Rights Commission: https://icrc.iowa.gov/