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Scott Pelzer '17

Finds a Job with Farm Bureau Because of Experiences Acquired Through Simpson


Simpson brags a reputation of getting its students through their degree in four years or less and having a high job placement rate for graduates. This is exactly what attracted Tipton’s Scott Pelzer ’17 to the small private school.

He also knew proximity to Des Moines would come in handy when he was looking for internships to build his career’s foundation. The opportunity to continue playing baseball was an added perk. One feature stood out more than the rest, however.

“I chose Simpson because I saw myself succeeding in a smaller class where if I had a question or wanted to talk with a professor outside of class, they would not hesitate to help,” Scott said.

For a year and a half, Scott set himself on course to be an elementary teacher though he wasn’t sure it was exactly what he wanted to do. When he switched his major to business management during his sophomore year, Scott wasn’t sure he’d still graduate on time, but he had the right people in his corner.

“Jim Palmieri was my advisor who helped me figure out what I wanted to do with my major and to help me get though in four years,” he said.

But college is about much more than studying. Much more time is spent outside the classroom than in it, after all. That’s where Scott got more than he bargained for.

“What surprised me most about Simpson was how well everybody grew together,” he said. “I met my best friends here that I will have for a very long time.”

Whether it was during events like homecoming or Campus Day, attending sporting events, or just spending time doing the mundane things together, Scott knows he and his friends have memories to look back on and smile about for years to come.

“My favorite memories were growing close to these people who came in as strangers,” he said. “I came in as a nervous freshman and right away it was very easy to build friendships because everybody is out of their comfort zone.”

Over his four years, he had the chance to play baseball for two, study abroad in the Dominican Republic during May term and work in the fitness center for three years, all of which helped Scott stand out while applying for jobs after graduation.

Starting as a claims analyst at Farm Bureau, Scott hopes to continue to grow in the company over the years. More importantly, he’s thankful Simpson stood by their commitment to graduate students in four years with a job ready for them.

Though he admits it’s corny, Scott said choosing Simpson was the best decision he’s ever made. Given the chance, he’d do his four years all over again and not change a thing.

“You come here to get an education,” he said. “But leave here with your degree PLUS friendships, a job, memories, and a foundation that can help you to continue to succeed.”