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Morgan Moline Singleton '17

Takes Simpson Experiences to Teach Elementary Students


During college, students are taught the essentials to have a successful career, but what about a successful life? At Simpson College, students learn far beyond the classroom. Everywhere you turn, life lessons are being imparted by faculty and staff alike.

Webster City’s Morgan Moline ’17 came to Simpson expecting to learn how to teach future generations as an elementary education major. But she received education beyond what she paid for through her various mentors.

“Through Simpson I have become a better person,” she said. “Simpson College is not a typical college experience.”

What first brought her to Simpson was the cross country program under the coaching of Heath Moenck. According to Morgan, Heath supported her on and off the track, leading by example while she pursued her coaching minor.

“He supported my academic and athletic successes, and was always there with brutally honest advice that I just really needed to hear,” she said. “This is not a unique experience—he cares so deeply about the wellbeing and success of all his athletes.”

Morgan partially credits Heath with helping her choose Simpson. He got her here initially, but campus spoke for itself as soon as she arrived.

Once classes started, the opportunities for Morgan started rolling in. She joined the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority, where her sisters helped strengthen her character.

“The values instilled in me through this organization have helped mold me into a reflective leader philanthropic person,” she said.

Some of her best memories stem from KKG. From initiation to the Lip Sync Battle during Greek Week to simply having community to support her, there was never a dull moment.

During her junior year, Morgan joined the residence life staff, which she said developed her character the most. It also brought another mentor at Simpson.

“While in residence life, I feel that I have matured beyond my years due to the situations I am equipped to address,” she said. “Because of residence life, I am more aware of what I say, how I say it, and who I am saying it to.”

Head of residence life Luke Behaunek also taught her some important life lessons to take beyond Simpson.

“As the residence life director, he showed me humility (and humor), gave me new perspectives on subjects I did not know a lot about, and challenged me to be a better human by following his example,” Morgan said.

Finally, during her senior year, Morgan served on the Student Government Association for a short time as a senator. The experience has helped her see all sides of a situation before coming to a conclusion and made her more reflective.

“I found a voice through SGA and feel comfortable advocating for others and even voicing an unpopular opinion,” she said.

But Morgan’s success story would be nowhere near complete without mentioning her favorite memory: meeting and dating her now-fiancee, Cort. During their freshman year, the two met watching the World Series together.

“It really wasn’t anything special or out of the ordinary. But what is special is where we are now and how far we have come,” she said. “I have found the love of my life at Simpson College.”

Needless to say, Simpson College will forever hold a special place in Morgan’s heart as she moves onto Hartford as an elementary teacher.

“Choosing Simpson was the best decision I have ever made for myself,” she said. “After being on campus and taking classes, I realized that Simpson was not a typical college experience. It is an extraordinary one.

“I was not expecting Simpson to provide me with so many opportunities and life lessons. It is surprising at how much Simpson has changed me for the better.”

UPDATE: Morgan Singleton is now teaching at Emerson Elementary School in Indianola.