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Simpson College awarded grant by Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust



Simpson College received a generous grant for $115,000 from the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust to strengthen the learning environment for students through innovative classroom design and technology. 

Funding from the grant enabled Simpson College to undertake the renovation of Jordan Hall, located at the heart of the Carver Science building. The 1200-square-foot hall will be transformed into an active learning space that integrates collaborative technology and tools to revolutionize the educational experience for students at Simpson College.

“We are thrilled to welcome students in the Fall of 2022 to a powerful new collaborative learning space unlike any other on our campus. Simpson College is extremely grateful to have the support of the Roy J. Carver Charitable Trust in our efforts to impact learning for students at Simpson College well into the future,” said Jackie Brittingham, Professor of Biology.

The redesign features flexible seating, which will ensure accessibility and optimize opportunities for instructors to engage with students working in collaborative work areas throughout the room. Students will be able to quickly transition from individual to team-based activities, a hallmark of innovative teaching strategies. New technology will enhance interaction among students in small groups while increasing engagement between the instructor and in-person or remote learners.

The space will be designed to facilitate problem-solving and idea development. Students will be able to project materials from their personal devices to an interactive projector at the front of the room or to two large LCD monitors. Video cameras and a microphone system will capture activity throughout the room to enhance web conferencing and integrate remote learners into real-time classroom activities.

Additional funding for the renovation, set to be completed in August 2022, came from the “Imagine the Impact” capital campaign.


Demo Jordan Lecture Hall

Old Jordan Lecture Hall