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Summer Research


Participating in a summer undergraduate research program is an opportunity for students and faculty to spend 8-10 weeks focused on research projects. Students get to explore research in their major and they generally receive a stipend and housing allowance. More information on how to apply to a summer research program can be found here.

Simpson College hosts several different summer undergraduate research programs on its campus each year including the Bryan Summer Research Program in Mathematics and the Simpson College Ecological Research Program. More information on the current projects from each program can be found on this site.

Each fall, Simpson College showcases the summer research conducted by its students during the Summer Research Symposium.


  • Sam Adeniyi – U of Minnesota
  • Ben Harrison – U of Idaho
  • Katrina Hartman – Des Moines University
  • Lindsay Mahaney – Des Moines University
  • Shelby Miller – Simpson College Teacher Education Program
  • Kade Tatkenhorst - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy NY
  • Stephanie Twohey - Des Moines University
  • Ethan Woodruff - Great Lakes Bioenergy Research Center at Michigan State University
  • Noelle Wright - Summer Neuroscience Internship Program at the University of Florida
  • Noelie Boardman, Emily King, Scott Oderio – Simpson College Bryan Math Program
  • Max Folkers, Eli Marriott, Miguel Sanchez - Simpson College Bryan Math Program
  • Amron Born – Simpson College Ecological Research Program
  • Ryan Courtney, Harry Dudley - Simpson College Ecological Research Program
  • Cassie Bergman, Ethan Madden - Simpson College Ecological Research Program
  • Ben Christensen, Nicole Ward – Simpson College Carver Bridge Program
  • Miriam McDonough – U of Nebraska- Lincoln
  • Samantha Wuebker – U of Iowa
  • Molly Fisher - Microbiomes of Aquatic, Plant, and Soil Systems across Kansas (MAPS)
  • Maggie Flowers - Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies