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Gender-Inclusive Housing

Simpson College, the Division of Student Development, and the Department of Residence Life are committed to providing comfortable, welcoming, and safe housing options for all students.  Gender-Inclusive housing (GIH) is a policy that allows two or more students to share a multiple-occupancy room, suite, or apartment regardless of the students’ sex or gender.  GIH furthers the College’s non-discrimination policy and provides housing options for students who may identify as transgender, are more comfortable living with another sex or gender, or do not wish to prescribe to gender classifications.  Although the College respects the privacy of individuals and will not require students to reveal their reasons for opting into GIH, this option is not permitted for couples in romantic relationships.  Further guidelines to the policy are outlined below.

GIH is available to all students.  Returning students may submit a housing application during the room selection process which occurs each spring semester.  When submitting, a separate agreement must be completed by all students in the room, apartment, or suite and attached to the housing application.  Gender-inclusive housing is also available to first-year and transfer students. Incoming first-year and transfer students will have the option of selecting gender-inclusive housing via the student housing application. First-year and transfer students who indicate they are interested in GIH will be contacted by a Residence Life professional staff member so that the College can provide housing that best meets the needs of the student.

Gender-Inclusive Housing Policy – Download full policy here.

Interested in living in a gender-inclusive space? Just fill out this agreement with your roommates.

The following policy and conditions are applicable to students who elect to live in a gender-inclusive space.

  • Students may choose to request a roommate(s) of any sex or gender.
  • The Department of Residence Life will only honor those requests made by all parties living within the same living space (i.e., room, apartment, suite).
  • Returning students must apply with their prospective roommate(s) following the same processes and deadlines of all students entering the housing selection process.
  • Students will not be required to reveal their reasons for opting to live in gender-inclusive housing, although romantic relationships within the same living space are not permitted according to Simpson’s cohabitation policy.
  • Students will not be assigned to gender-inclusive housing unless they have elected to do so.  Although we feel that students are able to make decisions about their housing situation, we encourage students to maintain an open dialogue with their families about their decision to live in a gender-inclusive situation.
  • As with any roommate situation, conflict between individuals may arise.  We strongly encourage proactive conversation between roommates regarding room preferences, possibly utilizing a roommate agreement.  These can be obtained through any Residence Life professional staff member.  Room change requests due to conflict will follow the same procedure as any other conflict, using the student staff and/or professional staff members to aid the situation.
  • When there is a vacancy in a gender-inclusive space, the student(s) remaining in the room may elect to pull in any new roommate whose age is appropriate for the style of housing (i.e., a first-year student would not be well-suited for the apartments), following other standard procedures within Residence Life.  In the event of an additional resident moving into the space, all parties must be agreeable to the change.
  • Any space in Buxton Hall, Picken Hall, theme houses, or apartments can be gender-inclusive.  This avoids segregation and offers students gender-inclusive housing within multiple housing styles.  The default designation for a room, apartment, or suite will be single-gender unless the students selecting into the space opt to create a gender-inclusive pair/group.  Once a room, apartment, suite is gender-inclusive that space will continue to be gender-inclusive as long as the residents can continue to occupy the living space.
  • Depending on the number of first-year students who are interested in GIH, a gender-inclusive community may be created within a wing of one of the first-year buildings.  In the event that the number of interested students is significantly lower than the number of occupancies on a wing, the Department of Residence Life will work individually with students to find options that meet their needs.
  • Gender-inclusive bathrooms exist in all residential buildings where gender-inclusive housing options exist.  Buxton has in-suite bathrooms, and Picken, theme houses, and the apartments have single-user bathrooms.  Barker and Kresge each have a single-user bathroom with full shower capabilities.