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Housing Agreement 

Terms and Conditions

All full-time undergraduate students are required to live in college-owned residential facilities. The college also allows Delta Delta Delta and Pi Beta Phi residents to live in non-college-owned housing without reduction in financial assistance and with no petition process.

Exceptions to the live-on requirement are made for students living at home with parents within a commutable distance, students over the age of 23, veterans, married students, and students with dependent children living with them. Permission to live off-campus for these or other reasons must be obtained prior to moving off-campus via the petition process on SC Connect. Modifications to these expectations may also be made for transfer students by the Transfer Admissions Counselor during the enrollment process.  Please be aware that financial aid will be adjusted for off-campus students. All decisions about granting petitions or changes to these expectations rest with the Dean of Students.

  1. CONDITIONS OF PREMISES: STUDENT and COLLEGE agree to keep premises in same condition as when rented, reasonable wear and tear excepted. STUDENT should inspect premises prior to occupancy.  Any prior damages must be noted by the STUDENT in writing to the COLLEGE in the first seven (7) days of occupancy.  COLLEGE agrees to provide housekeeping services in public areas of the residence halls.
  2. CONDUCT: STUDENT shall observe all rules and regulations of Simpson College as stated in the Simpson College Student Handbook, the Residence Life Handbook, and this contract.
  3. OCCUPANCY: It is agreed that only the STUDENT (and other STUDENTS assigned by the COLLEGE in the case of multiple occupancy units) will occupy said premises during the terms of the lease. Quadruple and triple occupancy units may not be occupied as a single unit. In instances of summer billing or determining when to end housing charges, the presence of possessions and use of room will be factored into the date used for occupancy. 
  4. VACANCIES: If vacancies occur in multiple occupancy units, the remaining STUDENTS agree to consolidation based on the Student Handbook.  The COLLEGE reserves the right to consolidate all vacant spaces.
  5. FURNISHINGS: COLLEGE agrees to furnish the following items for each tenant’s use:  window treatments, one desk and chair, dresser space, and one bed with mattress.  COLLEGE further agrees to provide and maintain windows and working door locks.
  6. KEYS and COMBINATIONS: COLLEGE agrees to issue keys, proximity cards, or combinations to the STUDENT.  Damaged keys shall be replaced by COLLEGE free of charge upon presentation of the damaged key.  In case of lost or stolen keys, the STUDENT agrees to pay a replacement charge of fifty dollars ($50).  In case of lost or stolen cards, the STUDENT agrees to pay a replacement charge of fifteen dollars ($15).  In case of requested room combination change, the STUDENT agrees to pay a fifteen dollar ($15) re-combination charge.  Room combinations are changed without charge when someone moves from a room.
  7. PERSONAL PROPERTY: COLLEGE specifically accepts no liability for damage to or loss of personal property of the STUDENT whether in the rented premises or in storage for any cause whatsoever.  STUDENT shall provide insurance on his or her own personal property if STUDENT desires.  COLLEGE specifically accepts no responsibility for any property left by STUDENT after termination of occupancy.  All personal property needs to be stored within the student room or apartment during the periods of occupancy.  Summer storage is only available for international students or by invitation and is located within Colonial storage units.
  8. ACCESS TO PREMISES: COLLEGE will make a room check or search only in accordance with the conditions stated in the Student Handbook.  COLLEGE shall have access to the rented premises at all reasonable times for purposes of inspecting said premises for damage, cleanliness, and for maintenance requirements.  The COLLEGE reserves the right to enter premises without the consent of STUDENT if COLLEGE believes that an emergency exists with respect to the life of the STUDENT, or to maintain property, or so that repairs may be affected, or to ensure compliance with college and residence hall policies.
  9. DAMAGE: STUDENT shall be liable for all damages beyond reasonable wear and tear.  Damage to a rental unit shared by more than one person shall be shared equally by all STUDENTS of the unit, except in cases where damage can be specifically attributed to one STUDENT. Such charges shall represent the fair and reasonable value of repairs incurred.  Each STUDENT shall be assessed a $150 security deposit at the beginning of the original college enrollment.  Said deposit will be held in the STUDENT’S account during the time of enrollment and will be applied toward any damages incurred.  In the event of such damages, the appropriate charge for repairs will be assessed to the STUDENT(S) account(s) and billed to the STUDENT(S) for payment at that time.  In this way the original deposit is maintained until termination of enrollment.  If a damage charge exceeds the amount of the deposit, it will be billed as stated above.  Damage which occurs in the public areas of the residence halls is considered general hall damage.  All students residing in the residence hall which incurs general hall damage are responsible for such damage.  At the beginning of each term STUDENTS shall be assessed a ten dollar ($10) fee.  All student fees collected will be held in a damage fund for each hall.  Unidentified general hall damage costs will be deducted from the hall damage fund.  After all general hall damages are paid, any excess money left in the hall damage fund will be transferred to the hall activity account.  In the event that general hall damage costs exceed the amount available in the hall damage fund, the excess charges will be divided by the number of residents to determine the individual damage charge per student.  Damage costs exceeding the hall fund and requiring individual student billing will result in a minimum charge of five dollars ($5) per resident.
  10. ROOM ACCOMMODATIONS: The COLLEGE agrees to provide the following room accommodations: a) for the FALL TERM, room accommodations begin at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday prior to fall term classes and end at 6:00 p.m. on the last complete day of term exams; b) for the SPRING TERM, room accommodations begin at noon on the Sunday prior to the beginning of term classes and end at 6:00 p.m. on the last complete day of term exams; c) for the MAY TERM, room accommodations carry through from spring term and end at 6:00 p.m. on the last complete day of term exams (students involved in commencement excepted).  Any exceptions to this schedule must be approved by the Director of Residence Life.  Winter break (dates are published in the catalog) are excluded from this agreement and the individual student is responsible to find accommodations during these periods.  Theme houses and apartments remain open during winter break if occupied in the apartment both fall and spring term.  Students who would like the privilege to remain on campus during the recess periods and who are not required to be on campus for an approved college activity (academic, athletic or co-curricular requirement) will be charged approximately fifteen dollars ($15) per night for the duration of their stay, and must seek and be granted prior approval by the Director of Residence Life.  For dates before or after the academic year, there will be a $30/day rate applied to a student account for approved dates of occupancy which are not considered associated with summer housing.  Occupancy is determined by either the presence of personal belongings or the student, or both.
  1. FOOD SERVICE: COLLEGE agrees to provide the following food service: a) for the FALL TERM beginning one day prior to fall term classes and continuing while classes are in session; b)for the SPRING TERM beginning the first day of spring classes and continuing while classes are in session; c) for the MAY TERM continuing from the SPRING TERM and while classes are in session. All residential students are required to have a meal plan unless excused for special medical or dietary reasons; such requests may be made on a petition form available from the Department of Residence Life. The meal plan options may vary between residential buildings and are governed by the College's contract with its food provider. An additional charge will be made for board provided prior to or subsequent to the dates as determined above.  Meals missed because of special diets, religious beliefs and activities, employment or class scheduling during meal times are not refundable.  Residents who have any of the above conflicts may request a to-go option each day of the conflict.  Such request must be made to the Food Service Director 24 hours in advance and picked up by the resident.  Some special diets, whether temporary or continuous, which cannot be satisfied within the limits of the regular menus, cannot be provided in the food service.
  1. CANCELLATIONS: The COLLEGE agrees that the following shall be just cause for canceling this agreement:  a) withdrawal, suspension or leave of absence from the College; b) participation in off-campus programs of the College except during the May Term; c) not registering for any term covered by the contract; d) permission of the COLLEGE to live off-campus via approved ‘Petition for Exemption from Room and Board.’  Refunds are based on the schedule presented in the College catalog.