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About Our Staff

Our department has a variety of student and professional positions staffed by people who care about your experience.  Please reach out to them if you are in need of assistance or support.

Student Staff

The Residence Life student (paraprofessional) staff has been carefully selected and trained to make life at Simpson College housing a pleasant and positive experience for all residents. They will be some of the first people you will meet on campus each year when you check in. Residence Life student staff are sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are here to make you feel at home. Regardless of their job title, this team is your best and closest resource and can assist you in becoming successful in the residence hall and College community. They can help you effectively work through problems as they arise and are trained to be good listeners when you just need someone to talk to. Don’t hesitate to ask them for assistance. They are here to help you!

  • Community Advisors (CAs) live in one of the four residence halls or seven apartment buildings and are sophomores, juniors, or seniors. Typically there is one CA per floor in Barker, Kresge, Buxton, and Picken Halls, and one or two CAs per apartment building. CAs take part in the day-to-day activities of hall life and plan educational and social programs for their floor and for the entire hall. CAs report to the Assistant/Associate Director for their area.
  • Community Advisors are also staff members who live in one of the five college-owned Greek chapters, of which they are typically members. CAs report to the Assistant Director for their area.
  • Community Advisors – Team Leaders live on the first floor of Kresge and Barker Halls and typically on the third floor of the Station Square Apartments. They directly assist the Assistant Directors of their area with staff, events, and advising of the Area Council. CA TLs, typically juniors and seniors, are available to assist you with questions and concerns about housing, maintenance requests, and other general information. Feel free to stop by and/or make an appointment with them.  They report to the Assistant/Associate Director for their area.
  • Theme House Managers live in one of the Theme Houses. They serve as liaisons between theme house residents and the Department of Residence Life, and within some houses, serve as the person primarily responsible for programming and events for the house.

Professional Staff

Assistant/Associate Directors (ADs) are full-time, live-in professional staff members for the Department of Residence Life. Each Assistant Director has the primary responsibility for serving their students and overseeing the operational and programmatic aspects of their buildings and staff(s). Specifically, these include community building, conflict resolution and problem solving, staff supervision and team-building, and judicial concerns. Our ADs are a great resource to students and can assist you throughout your Simpson experience. 

  • Assistant Director for the First-Year and Greek Areas 
    • The Assistant Director is responsible for Barker and Kresge Halls, which house about 400 students. The position is also responsible for the 5 college-owned Greek houses on campus. This AD has offices in both the Kent Campus Center and the first floor of Kresge Hall. Call 961-1739 for Kent or 961-1862 for Kresge.  Office hours for this position are posted at each location.
  • Associate Director for Buxton, Picken, Apartments, and Theme Housing
    • The Associate Director serves as the area coordinator for the 7 apartment complexes and is also responsible for about 600 students, mostly sophomores and juniors, who reside in Buxton Hall, Picken Hall, and the Theme Houses. This position also oversees the occupancy management functions of housing operations and supervises the Assistant Director of Residence Life. The AD’s office is located at the Kent Campus Center. Call 961-1732.

Director of Residence Life 

The Director of Residence Life is primarily responsible for the operational aspects of all on-campus housing facilities. The Director of Residence Life is also responsible for the design, implementation, and evaluation of the Residence Life program at the College. The Assistant Director reports directly to the Associate Director of Residence Life; The central office for the Department of Residence Life can be found at the Kent Campus Center. Call 961-1562.