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Student Employment Options

Student Employment Program 

Simpson College provides students with the opportunity to work part-time on or off campus through the Student Employment Program.   There are both need-based and non-need based employment opportunities available. Employment amounts generally range between $1,000 and $1,500 per year, with the average student working 4-7 hours per week. The current wage rate is $7.25 per hour. The student employment offer is not a guarantee of employment. First-year students are assigned positions on campus and must complete a job application. First-year students will not be assigned a job until the completed application has been received. A student who fails to return the employment application by May 1st will lose the student employment offer. Student employment will then be offered to students on the employment wait list. Simpson, in partnership with area community service employers, is committed to using a portion of its funding to encourage participation in community service activities.

Student employment earnings are paid each month for hours worked during the previous month. Direct deposit to your checking or savings account for monthly pay is recommended and requires you to complete a direct deposit form. 

Student Employment Handbook 

Frequently asked questions

When is pay day?
Students are paid monthly, on the 15th day of each month. If the 15th  falls on a weekend, payday is moved to the Friday before.

How do the monthly pay periods work? Are they based on a calendar month?
No, the pay periods are NOT based on a calendar month. The pay periods end on the LAST SATURDAY of each month.

How do I account for my time worked?
An electronic timesheet must be completed throughout the month and electronically signed by the student at the end of each month. The student must complete the timesheet by Wednesday at noon following the last Saturday of the month.

Where do I find timesheets?
Students will access their timesheet electronically on SC Connect at https://scconnect.simpson.edu/. Click on Enter and Approve Timecards under My Actions, and then click on Enter My Hours. Please take care to enter your hours into the proper pay period and into the proper position if you work in more than one position (these choices will be available to you once in Time Entry). Please also click here for the complete Student Web-Time-Entry Instructions.

I have gone into SC Connect and do not have access to my timesheet.  Why is this?
If you are a new Simpson College Work Study student, you must complete your payroll paperwork (federal and state tax withholding forms, I-9, direct deposit form) and turn the forms into the payroll coordinator along with your ID’s before you will be given access to your timesheet.

Should I round my in and out times when I enter them into my timesheet?
No, you may enter the exact in and out times that you worked.

What if I enter hours worked for one day and then am locked out of my timesheet?
Each time you enter hours worked, you must hit “submit” to “save” the hours you entered. After the end of the pay period, you must check a box next to a line which says “checking this box becomes your electronic signature acknowledging your submitted time as accurate and ready for supervisor approval”. If you are locked out of your timesheet, it means you have submitted your timesheet to your supervisor for approval. This should only be done once per month AFTER the END of the pay period. Contact your supervisor and request your supervisor “reject” your timesheet, which will make it available to you once again.

What if I miss turning in my timesheet or turn it in late?
Contact your supervisor and the payroll coordinator. Your hours will be added to the following pay period and you will be paid the following month for those hours.