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CARs Mission Statement

CARs Mission and Vision Statements, Aims & Guiding Principles

Mission Statement 

The Center supports student engagement and success using a student-focused approach to teach effective learning strategies, connect students to resources, and build effective relationships. 

Vision Statement 

Students will flourish as a result of engaging in opportunities at Simpson, reflecting on their experiences, and developing the confidence and capacity to apply what they have learned. 


  • Promote effective learning strategies through outreach, programming, and coaching. 
  • Honor the uniqueness of each student by using a culturally responsive, strengths-based approach. 
  • Facilitate a growth mindset resulting in self-directed and lifelong learning. 
  • Utilize a whole-person perspective to ensure students seek and use resources, build interdependent relationships, apply practices, and actualize their agency through growth and development. 
  • Foster career readiness through training, advising, supervision, and coaching. 
  • Advance the Simpson College Mission, Vision, and Core Values. 

Guiding Principles 

  • Access to education is a right and is accomplished through an individualized process of reviewing and assessing student needs.  
  • Shared commitment to openly welcome and support all students who engage with us and utilize our resources.  
  • Learning is facilitated with a growth mindset and all individuals – students, staff, and faculty – have the opportunity and responsibility to learn by engaging in coursework and professional development.  
  • Consistent assessment of our work increases its impact and improves learning and programs outcomes. 
  • Peer-led support such as tutoring, coaching, consulting, and mentoring provides the opportunity for students to serve as campus leaders by advancing student engagement and success. 
  • Collaboration across campus fuels student learning resulting in earned degrees as well as career and life readiness.