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Internship Wage Assistance

Friends of Simpson College have gifted funds to provide wage assistance for internship positions which would otherwise be unpaid. If students are awarded wage assistance, they will be paid $12/hr (pre-tax) through Simpson's payroll for up to 120 hours. 

Please read below to determine if you qualify for the application process. If there are questions, contact Career Development at careers@simpson.edu


  • Wage assistance is available for fall, spring, and summer internships. 

Eligible Students & Employers:

  • Internship must be unpaid, off-campus, and with a non-profit organization or start-up business.
  • Student must intern for a minimum of 60 hours on-site.
  • Registering for academic credit for the internship is not a requirement for wage assistance. 
  • All students who meet the above criteria may apply for wage assistance. 
  • Preference will be given to juniors and seniors with financial need as demonstrated through the Office of Financial Assistance.

If Awarded Wage Assistance: 

  • Students will complete a learning plan to outline goals and learning strategies for their internship. 
  • Students will submit monthly timecards to be reviewed by site supervisors. 
  • Students will review midterm and final evaluations submitted by site supervisors. 


  • Login to your SC Connect portal.
  • Within the “My Links” section, click the "Career Development" icon. 
  • Within "Career Development," click the "Internship Wage Assistance" icon.