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Adjustments due to enrollment changes
A reduction of credit hour enrollment within the add/drop period of the semester or term may occur without tuition penalty. Tuition charges and financial aid offers will therefore reflect the student’s enrollment at the end of the add/drop period. (The add/drop period is always posted on the academic calendar). After the add/drop period has expired, a change from full-time to part-time status or a reduction in any credit hour enrollment, other than a complete withdrawal, will not change tuition charges or financial aid. For example, a student enrolled full-time will receive no tuition adjustment for dropping below full-time enrollment after the add/drop period of the traditional semester. Tuition adjustments for increased enrollment will continue throughout the term.

Title IV Return Policy and refunds due to student’s complete withdrawal from the College (R2T4)
Please use the following link to read about the return of Title IV funds upon withdraw from Simpson College.
Return of Title IV Funds/Refund/Withdraw Information