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In such a highly competitive market, your success depends on more than simply earning a degree. Employers and graduate schools are looking for students who are effective communicators, innovators, and problem solvers. Our innovative curriculum has been designed with that in mind. We build Embedded Skills, such as critical thinking and written communication, into many courses.

In addition to classes in their major, students will take seven Areas of Engagement courses, which we believe will enhance your education experience and make you even more attractive to future employers. These areas include civic engagement, global perspectives, and scientific reasoning.

Students will also take two courses to bookend their Simpson experience. The Simpson Colloquium is taken during the first semester of college and is designed to ease your transition to campus life. The Senior Capstone is a culminating project in each student’s major that will demonstrate a proficiency in a chosen field of study.

When you leave Simpson, you will be ready and confident to reach the next level of success.