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Actual Price1

For students qualifying for state or federal grants the cost will be even less!


How did you get to that price?

I heard it was more

Actual Cost

To answer that, let's first go over

Sticker Price vs. Actual Cost

                                                pricing sticker1

That $56,300 number? That’s the sticker price. It’s big, it’s daunting and it's not the price any of our students pay.


Let's break it down together


First, we subtract scholarships – anywhere from $27,000 to $35,000 (based on merit).


Next, we subtract loans - $5,500 for new first-year students.

If in step 1, you were eligible for $27,000 in scholarships, your actual price would be $23,800.

Actual Cost

What we’re left with is the Actual cost, much less than the original sticker price.

It’s the amount left after scholarships, grants and student loans have been applied.


So how much can I expect

My Actual Price to be?


Short Answer? It Varies.


We'll sit down and pencil it out together.

High five

While the actual cost of Simpson is different for each family – based on merit, need levels and other eligibility criteria -

The average grant and scholarship package for incoming students in fall 2023 was $41,353.

When I graduate, will I have

$100,000+ in loans?


No Way. Not even close.

Heard That...

You may have heard the shocking stories of six-figure college debt …

But the average FEDERAL student loan debt of Simpson College Graduates is $24,294.


3 Real Student Examples

Student 1

Family income: $38,169 Student is from Iowa and Simpson Promise-eligible.
This student’s remaining costs are $3,994

Student 1

Student 2

Family income: $101,058
This student’s remaining costs are $8,800

Student Two


Student 3

Family income: $140,506
This student’s remaining costs are $14,300

Student Three


  • Simpson Scholarships/Grants
  • State & Federal Grants
  • Student Loans
  • Student Employment
Simpson Promise
For families from Iowa with $100,000 adjusted gross income and below.