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Department of Art

Studio Art, Graphic Design, Art History, Arts Management and Interactive Media


Take advantage of every opportunity

Immerse yourself in art. Whether it's the practical experience of an internship, visiting local, regional or national exhibits, presenting your work to others or studying art of another culture, you will find value in all that Simpson has to offer outside the classroom.

Get involved at Simpson

In addition to the beautiful galleries on campus, virtually every wall and open space is a potential venue to showcase your art. There are no shortage of ways to express yourself at Simpson.


Art scholarships available


Serious about studying art at Simpson? We have a scholarship for that! If you are majoring or minoring in art, all you have to do is submit a portfolio of 12 works of art and two letters of recommendation to be considered. If selected, you will receive financial assistance you can apply toward tuition and other expenses. Contact the Department of Art for more information.

Simpson Success Stories

This is what success looks like

Our students and alumni share how Simpson helped them define achievement on their own terms

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Braeden Ingersoll

Braeden Ingersoll

Simpson Was a ‘First-Name’ Campus

Simpson, as any college or university, will be what you make of it, so take full advantage of what the college has to offer and enjoy the journey

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Joel Clifton '89, Chris Hanson '99, Emily Beckmann '09

Joel Clifton '89, Chris Hanson '99, Emily Beckmann '09

Lessing Flynn Advertising

Often we find ourselves in conversations that begin, ‘Well, when I was at Simpson….’

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