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Graphic Design


What will I learn?

Combining art and the practical use of text, signs and image, you will learn to communicate a message, idea or experience for a multitude of platforms. You'll develop critical design thinking and creative problem-solving in print, web and other digital media forms, incorporating the latest software programs.

This course has a how-to approach to graphic design, from concept to development or finished product. The essential methods and tools of professional designers will be taught in projects with practical applications—for print and web design. An emphasis will be placed on the use of the Macintosh computer as a layout and design tool, with instruction using industry-standard software.

Graphic Design Scholarships Available!

To apply for a scholarship as a major in Graphic Design, please submit a portfolio of nine works of art (maximum 15) and a one-page, written statement of intent.   

The works of art should include some examples of graphic design work but can also include other media like photography or drawing.  The portfolio should be put together in a digital presentation program like PowerPoint.  The background in the presentation should just be a simple, low-saturated, solid color, like a gray, so it doesn't interfere with the artwork.  

For the statement of intent, you should write about any experience you have had with graphic design work in the past and about your career aspirations for the future. It's ok if you don't have any graphic design experience though. If that's the case, just talk about why you're interested in graphic design. The statement of intent should be in a document, separate from the portfolio.  

Both items can be sent directly to justin.nostrala@simpson.edu.
The priority deadline for scholarship application is Feb. 15, 2024.

Lessing Flynn

What can I do with my degree?

A degree in Graphic Design from Simpson positions you to step into one of many design careers. The techniques and skills you practice are immediately transferrable to this growing field of opportunity.

Recent graduates have pursued exciting careers in the fields of graphic design, art director, web design and more. 

Students have also taken advantage of numerous internships, including:

  • Des Moines Menace Soccer Team
  • Des Moines Metro Opera
  • DLH Grafx
  • Ganette (Des Moines Register)
  • Gateway Dance Theatre
  • Greater Des Moines Partnership
  • Meredith Corporation
  • Sammons Institutional Group   
  • Studio Fusco

Get Involved

There are great opportunities to learn outside the classroom. From galleries to research to internships, see how these experiences will help shape your time at Simpson.

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