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Process for Obtaining Accommodations

Complete these steps to apply for accommodations that can help us create the most successful learning environment for you

If you would like to apply for accommodations or modifications, such as extended time for testing or a low distraction testing area, please complete the following steps below. The Simpson College Student Accessibility Coordinator will review and develop a list of reasonable accommodations based on your application.

  1. Fill out a request for accommodations form.
  2. Sign a release of information form.
  3. Provide appropriate documentation. These documentation forms may include the following:
  • The student’s most recent IEP AND educational report, sometimes called a three year review or re-evaluation
  • Medical records that provide a clear diagnosis (this needs to be on letterhead stationery and signed by a qualified diagnostician)
  • Mental health records should include a DSM-5 diagnosis and should be no older than one year
  • Psycho-educational reports from qualified psychologists or educational specialists
  1. This information can be brought to the appointment with the Director of Student Accessibility Services, or it can be sent through mail addressed to:

Director of Student Accessibility Services
The Center for Academic Resources, Dunn 101
508 North C Street
Indianola, Iowa  50125